Bittersweet Turf Farms is one of the industry leaders specializing in turfgrass production with sports fields in mind. We understand the intricacy of an athletic field including the look and feel of a well-built athletic field. Our team understands the vital components of the durability, playability and safety needed for any sports field. Our turf grasses are designed to fit Colorado’s needs, whether it’s a local community field, large stadium field, or a home-owner looking for a great lawn, we have you covered.

BTF – Sports Turf

BTF-Sports Turf is a four-way bluegrass blend that has a deep, fibrous root system. It’s high ratings in overall shear strength across multiple blends, mixtures and species at Cornell University, make it ideal for the rough play that sports fields have to withstand. BTF-Sports Turf has terrific winter color up, excellent spring-time green-up and the ability to fight drought and heat. Our sports turf also has an extensive rhizome root repair system. Rhizomes are what spread out to bare spots in the grass and send out new roots, which allow the turf to constantly and quickly self-repair from heavy activity.

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BTF – Fescue

BTF Fescue is one of the most advanced turf type varieties offered to date. This grass is able to thrive in shady areas, while at the same time can thrive in heat and drought conditions while resisting disease.

BTF Fescue is a 90/10 Fescue, Bluegrass blend that produces a consistently beautiful lawn in both warm and cool temperatures! Our blend is ideal for areas where the sun might not reach, due to trees or the way the sun rises and sets. Our BTF Fescue will do great in shady areas, but also comes genetically equipped with a self-repairing system, giving the grass the ability to form new plants off the mother plant, via a system of rhizomes. This variety is known to have a much higher resistance to pesky little brown patches that grass tends to get from time to time, making this blend a great choice for your turf needs!

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BTF – Bluegrass

BTF Bluegrass is a five-way bluegrass blend that thrives in all types of applications, whether it’s your backyard, the park down the street, your weekend golf course, or the sports field that your children play at.

BTF Bluegrass provides outstanding turf quality for a great value. This blend is fast to recover and greens up quickly. Our BTF Bluegrass blend can survive with wear and tear and will it drought climates. This blend also has improved pest resistance and is salt tolerant. Its compacted, strong root system allows the turf to endure heavy traffic, with the highest rated horizontal shoot leaf growth habit, compared to any other blend. Our BTF Bluegrass blend captures all the elite turf performance traits that you would want in a lawn!

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BTF – Texas

BTF Texas is our drought resistant blend, perfect for the Colorado climate. This variety thrives in the hot summer months when temperatures are high, yet is able to survive with less water than most varieties and can withstand longer durations between watering.

The Texas x Kentucky bluegrass hybrid is one of the latest advancements in the turfgrass industry. This hybrid combines the extensive rhizome root repair system of the Texas bluegrass, along with its strong tolerance for heat and drought conditions. Rhizomes are what spread out to bare spots in the grass and send out new roots, which allows the turf to repair itself quickly and continually. This is ideal for tough play, dogs and children, parks and commercial properties. BTF Texas Turfgrass hybrid also offers the turf quality and density that the Kentucky Bluegrass has, essentially giving you the best of both worlds.

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