BTF Texas Drought Resistant Blend


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BTF Texas is our drought resistant blend, perfect for the Colorado climate. This variety thrives in the hot summer months when temperatures are high, yet is able to survive with less water than most varieties and can withstand longer durations between watering.

The Texas x Kentucky bluegrass hybrid is one of the latest advancements in the turfgrass industry. This hybrid combines the extensive rhizome root repair system of the Texas bluegrass, along with its strong tolerance for heat and drought conditions. Rhizomes are what spread out to bare spots in the grass and send out new roots, which allows the turf to repair itself quickly and continually. This is ideal for tough play, dogs and children, parks and commercial properties. BTF Texas Turfgrass hybrid also offers the turf quality and density that the Kentucky Bluegrass has, essentially giving you the best of both worlds.

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