BTF 90/10 Fescue / Bluegrass Blend


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BTF Fescue is one of the most advanced turf type varieties offered to date. This grass is able to thrive in shady areas, while at the same time can thrive in heat and drought conditions while resisting disease.

BTF Fescue is a 90/10 Fescue, Bluegrass blend that produces a consistently beautiful lawn in both warm and cool temperatures! Our blend is ideal for areas where the sun might not reach, due to trees or the way the sun rises and sets. Our BTF Fescue will do great in shady areas, but also comes genetically equipped with a self-repairing system, giving the grass the ability to form new plants off the mother plant, via a system of rhizomes. This variety is known to have a much higher resistance to pesky little brown patches that grass tends to get from time to time, making this blend a great choice for your turf needs!

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