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Bittersweet Turf Farms is an industry leader in turf grass sports fields.  We understand the intricacy of an athletic field.  The look and feel of the grass turf as well as the durability, playability and safety are all components of a well built athletic field. Our turf grasses are designed to fit Colorado’s needs from a local community field to a stadium field.


Our 42” big rolls give us the capability to lay up to 150,000 sq. ft. per day and our 4-wheel installation donkey forklifts “tread lightly” on your prepared fields.  Big Rolls can be utilized in parks, athletic fields and any large open area over 50,000 sq. ft. 

Sports Fields Grasses are selected based on several characteristics:

  • Colorado Turf First is their adaptability to the area of the country they will be planted in.  Our grass turf is grown in Colorado for Colorado
  • Second grasses for sports fields need to repair fast – Being able to repair from the traffic damage caused by use is very important. Certain types of grasses repair easier than other types.|
  • Third is the type of grass appropriate for the type of activity.  Some grasses grow well only at higher mowing heights.  Others can handle lower heights.  Be sure to ask about this when inquiring about our grass turf.
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